Sexual Pursuits User Guide

Welcome to the Sexual Pursuits user guide. We hope you enjoy your game purchase and that it brings you many years of loving, sexy fun together.

This user guide is intended to get you started quickly whilst providing you with all the information you need to flly enjoy all the amazing features of this great game.

Are You Running the Deluxe Edition - Upgrade Now Why?
Note that to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition all you need to do is install into the same folder - the game will do this automatically if you do not change the default settings during installation...

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Getting Started
Use the link above to get started setting up and playing your game as quickly as possible.

How to Play
If you’re not familiar with the rules of Sexual Pursuits, check the link above for more information.

Installation and Order Issues
If you are having trouble installing the product or if you have problems with your order please use the link above.

There are so many features that you probably don’t know about a lot of them. Click the link above to find out what your great game does and how you can enjoy it.

Tips and Tricks
We made this game to be played and to be enjoyed. Nobody knows it better than Rebecca, Beverley, Joshua or Richard. Follow the link above for tips and tricks to get the most from your game purchase.

We’re here to help you, but if you have an issue or a query you might find a solution here first.

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