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Xena Part II

Xena Part 2 by Unknown

Callisto smiled and caressed Xena's cheek. "I'm going to tickle your feet Xena, how do you feel about that?"

 Xena tried once again to pull her arms free, but found the ropes still held them firmly above her head. "You've got me Callisto, why dont you just kill me?"

 "What fun would that be? Ive found that death is more of an escape than a punishment. And I want to punish you Xena, punish you for all the horrible things you've done to me." She gave Xena a quick tickle under her chin which Xena didnt react to.

 Callisto moved down to Xenas feet and slowly removed both of her boots. Even though her legs were not tied, Xena found she could still only move them a few inches.

 She took one look at Xena's feet and grinned evilly. They were perfect. They were large, about a size 10 or 11, but they were perfect. Her soles were milky white and looked unbelievably smooth and soft. Xena had high arches, and long, shapely toes.

 "Why Xena, you must spend a lot of time taking care of these babies!" Callisto smirked.

 Actually, Xena spent no time caring for her feet. She didnt have to. Her legs had been shattered by Caesar long ago, and then restored by the gods, making them better than new. One of the side effects of the gods magic was that Xena's feet, no matter how many miles she walked or heads she kicked, never got as much as a callus on them.

 Next, Callisto took out a thin red ribbon, and delicately tied Xena's ankles together. Xena should have been able to rip through the ribbon with ease, but her legs still refused to obey her commands. Their was just no strength in them. The ribbon might as well have been chains.

 Callisto idly, almost absent mindedly, traced a long nail up one of Xena's soles, causing her to flinch.

 "My, you are ticklish, aren't you! Imagine what it's going to feel like when I start get going!"

 The Gabrielle, still chained, topless, to the wall, began to moan and wake up. She picked her head up and began looking around the room as if she couldn't remember where she was. Xena had never seen her friend looking so exhausted, not even after all of the ordeals they had suffered together. Xena and Gabrielle's eyes met for just a second, and Xena could see all of the hope and optimism normally found their was gone.

 "It seems my tickle pet is awake. Take a good look at her Xena," Callisto gloated, "That's going to be you in a few hours, beaten, submissive and all mine. Isn't that right my tickle pet."

 "Yes, my mistress," Gabrielle answered back in a wooden voice.

 "Infact, maybe you'd like to help me punish Xena here, help me make her one of us."

 A look a fear entered Gabrielles eyes. "Yes mistress, anything you command."

 "Wonderful," Callisto smiled. She went over and freed Gabrielle from her chains. For a second Gabrielle slouched, like a rag doll unable to bare her own weight.

 "Take her underarms. Fortunately, Xena's armor leaves those to babies uncovered."

 "Yes, mistress," Gabrielle said and obediently moved to that end of the table.

 "Gabrielle," Xena whispered, "Now's our chance! Quickly, free my arms!"

 "I'm...I'm sorry, Xena," regret sounded in Gabrielles voice, "I can't do that...I can't disobey mistress. I can't." She positioned her fingers near Xena's underarms.

 "No!" Xena grunted, trying to pull her arms down, "Gabrielle, you can't do this! You can't!"

 "Xena..." Gabrielle said, "She's tickled me for days! I can't handle it anymore! I can't disobey!...No more tickling..."

 "It's no use Xena," Callisto said, "She's mine. She knows what will happen to her if she disobeys, right Gabrielle?"

 "Tickling," Gabrielle said the word as if it were death.

 "But what happens if you obey me like a good girl?"

 "Pleasure!" Gabrielle said as her entire face brightened. Xena remembered the ecstasy Gabrielle had been in while Callisto had touched her earlier.

 "It's a form of brainwashing," Callisto said as she began to draw a figure 8 on one of Xena's soles with her long fingernail, "Tickling when she's bad, orgasms when she's good. No one can resist that. It's better than a magic spell. She's my slave, as you will soon be..."

 Xena only heard part of what Callisto had said. Most of her consciousness was trying to block the sensations of that swooping fingernail, cutting across her instep and arch. She couldn't give Callisto the satisfaction of laughter!

 "You may begin Gabrielle," Callisto said as her finger kept up tracing lazily over Xenas sole.

 Xena felt Gabrielles shorter nails starting to lightly scratch under her arms. Xena bucked for a second like she was being electrocuted. It was torture!

 Xena quickly took control of her body, trying to ignore what was being done to her. The short, fast flicking movements Gabrielle was making under Xena's arms complimented perfectly the long, slow loops Callisto was making on her sole. Xena could have resisted one tickle attack, but not two. Slowly, the scowl Xena customarily wore was becoming a smile.

 "My, my," Callisto said sarcastically, "Xena, I don't think I've ever seen that look of disgust off your face before! Were getting to you already, aren't we?"

 Xena didn't dare talk. The persistent tickling under her arms and on her sole threatened to overwhelm her if she did. All she could do was shake her head no as her smile got bigger and bigger.

 "In that case, Xena darling, you wont mind if I do this!" Callisto started making a figure 8 on Xena's other sole now, torturing both her feet in the same manner. With the tickling on Xena's oh so sensitive soles doubled, her legs spasm, and, before Xena could bite down hard, a squeal escaped her lips.

 "Listen to her Gabbie," Callisto gloated, "She's laughing already! And you said we'd never break the vaunted Warrior Princess! Laugh again, little princess, laugh again!"

 Callisto started tickling Xena's soles faster, picking up the tempo on those lazy figure 8's, and dragging her fingers harder across her high arches.

 Xena was now smiling like an idiot, grinning from ear to ear. With only one finger on each of her soles, Callisto had almost broken through her fierce resolve. For gods sake, Callisto was still playing with her! What would she do when Callisto started tickling for real!

 If only Gabrielle would stop tickling her under her armpits. Xena took a second to glance at her friend. Gabrielle looked apologetic, but kept tickling anyway. Xena wasn't nearly as ticklish under her arms as she was on her feet, but the underarm tickling was serving as a distraction, stopping Xena from focusing all of her will on resisting Callisto's horrible touch on her feet. It was too much.

 With no warning, Callisto stopped her figure 8's, and started raking her fingers up and down Xena's soles. The change in style threw Xena, and she started to giggle.

 "Ha ha ah ah aah ha ha ha ha nooo ha ha ha ha stooopp ha ha ha nooo Callisto ha ha ha ha!"

 Callisto now had four fingers on each of Xena's soles, furiously moving up and down, from her heels to the balls on the bottom of her feet. With her thumbs, Callisto was tickling Xena's arches lightly. Xena fought valiantly, holding back the laughter as long as she could. But the giggles had proven the first break in the dam. It was destined to crumble.

 It did. "HA ahah ahahha haha hhahah ahahahahah noooooo hahahahahah haaaa caaaannnttt ha aha ahahaahahahahahah gaaaabbbbiieeeee pleeeaasseeee hahaha aha ahha ahh stooooppp sooo iii ah hahah hahah haha hahah caannnnn fiiighhtttt heeerrrr hahahahah."

 Gabrielle heard her friends plea, but didn't react. Inside she was breaking up, overcome by guilt at helping Xena's archenemy subdue her. But Gabrielle could't stop tickling her. Callisto had made sure of that. "I'm sorry..."Gabrielle breathed, and prepared for the next step.

 "Now, now Xena, no good begging to my tickle slave! If you want this to stop, you will beg me. Beg me Xena , beg me, and maybe Ill give you some relief!" Callisto kept working on Xena's feet, focusing more on her high arches, and the other tickle spots she had found, like the one at the beginning of Xena's instep, or the spot right beneath her big toe.

 "He hehe ehe ehe ehe ah ahe eha ahaha ah ehehe ehe eh ehnneeeeeevvvvvvrrrrr hehe aha ehe aaha ehehe ehe ahahah ahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!! he He eh ah eh neevvveerrr he ehe eh hehe Caaaaaaaaaalistooooo he ehehe eheh eheh ehehe eheheh!!!!!"

 The foot tickling was starting to overwhelm Xena. Her soles were just to ticklish, especially when tickled by an expert like Callisto. The only good thing about the foot tickling was that the intensity of it was now drowning out the underarm tickling Gabrielle was still delivering.

 That changed suddenly. At some wordless signal from her new mistress, Gabrielle stopped using her fingers, and plunged her entire face into Xena's underarm. Then Gabrielle began licking that tender, soft skin.

 Xenas body began bucking like a wild bronco, and her laughter went hysterical. Shed never had her armpit licked before, and she found the fought texture and the warmth of Gabrielle's tongue to be unbearable.


 "I told you," Callisto said, "It's no use begging Gabrielle! She listens only to me. You have to plead to me! Plead to Callisto for mercy, and maybe shell grant it to you. In the meantime, seeing how you like tongues so much...."

 Keeping both hands working furiously on Xena's feet, Callisto lowered her head and began to gently nibble and lick Xenas long toes.

 Xena went insane. Her toes had always been her worst spot, and with Callisto's long tongue licking them, licking between them, sucking on them, gently nibbling on them...It pushed Xena over the edge. Without even thinking the words, they began flooding out of her mouth.


 "Tell me," Callisto said between licks and nibbles, "What will you do if Gabby and I give you a break?" With Xena's ankles tied together, all 10 of her long toes were in a row, all 10 easily within range of Callisto's long toungue.


 "Are you sure Xena?" Callisto asked, "I'd hate to misunderstand you. You'd really do anything if Gabbie and I stop our little bit of tickling?"


 Callisto stopped tickling Xena's feet with her fingers, but kept licking her toes. Gabrielle stopped licking Xena's armpit, and began kissing her lips. Xena hadn't realized until that moment how much the tickling had turned her on, how wet she was. She began to kiss Gabrielle back, thrusting her tongue between her lips.

 Callisto kept licking Xena's toes, forcing moans and groans from her. Gabrielle kept kissing Xena, and slowly moved her hands to the straps that held Xena's armor together. She unfashioned them, allowing the top part of her armor to come undone, baring Xena's two breasts.

 Gabrielle moved quickly fastening her mouth to one of Xena's nipples. The three of them continued in that way for a while, Gabrielle sucking on Xena's nipples while Callisto licked and nibbled Xena's toes. Xena lay there, lost in the pleasure, forgetting it was being delivered at the command of her worst enemy.

 Callsito whispered, "Remember, by giving in the pleasure, you are surrendering yourself to me! Surrendering yourself for a second time! You already did that once, in promising to do anything to make the tickling stop. Now, are you ready to do so a second time?"

 A look of panic temporarily replaced the pleasure in Xena's eyes. "Oooohh aahhhh no no no ooohh ah ah ah don't oooh oh OOOHHHH!!!! No toouch ooh oh oh me!" To be brought to orgasm by her greatest enemy... No! it was too humiliating! Xena knew she just couldn't, just couldn't! Wouldn't give in! Wouldn't surrender her most private possession!

 Callisto could tell by the look in Xena's eyes that was just about ready. She jumped onto the table, straddling Xena's legs. Callisto was still facing Xenas feet, and kept right on licking. She couldn't see Xena's face from this position, but Callisto could still hear her groans, and could now feel Xena's legs vibrate beneath her.

 Callisto started slowly moving her foot backwards towards the warrior princess, up Xena's leg. Xena saw it coming, like a hunter stalking its prey. Callisto had kicked off her shoe, and Xena could see its toes moving. Xena knew when that foot got where it was going, it would mean her demise.

 Callisto's foot was slowly moving up Xena's leg, than her thigh, carressing her, toes wiggling against the soft flesh. Xena closed her eyes. The new pleasure, added to Gabrielle playing with her breasts and Callisto still sucking on her toes, forced even louder moans.

 Then it happened. That foot finished it's journey and worked its way under Xenas leather skirt. Xena could feel the toes working there way into that most delicate area between her legs. The foot was grinding, grinding.

 Callisto took a quick look over her shoulder to see Xenas face totally consumed by ecstasy. "OOOOOOOHHHHH AAAAHHHH I I CAAANNN'TT AAHHA AHA AH AHH AAAAHAHHAHAHA." Xena's mind still might have been fighting Callisto, but her body couldn't anymore. It had been tortured and hopelessly turned on by the tickling. It just couldn't resist the pleasure that followed.

 Xena felt her hips grinding into that foot, matching its rhythms,felt each toe wiggling in her pubic hair, felt Callisto licking between her toes, felt Gabrielles sweet lips on her breasts.

 "YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" Xena screamed, giving in to the ministrations of her body by her foe, Callisto. The massive orgasm that followed plunged Xena into unconsciousness.

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