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Stefani and Nikki Tickling

Stefani, Nikki and a Good Tickling Story

Stefani looked furious.
I leaned towards an inch of her pretty face, put on  my best smile to try and calm her down.
She just screamed at me.
"She looks cute when she's mad." I said to Nikki. Nikki just shrugged her shoulders,  smiled at me lazy like she was unsure of what to make of all this. The only  thing she had to remember though, was that she was being paid for this.
Stefani looked more than a little mad. Imagine being invited over to your  best friend's house, being drugged and then waking up like this.
That's how she feels right now.
"I'm sorry Stef," said Nikki, "he's paying me to do this to you. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself."
Stefani just glared at her, glared at me. She burned holes into both of us with her eyes. She shook her pretty head, turned shades of crimson in just a few short seconds as she let loose a long, loud, furious scream.
It was a good thing I'd thought to gag her. Stuffed a pair of her own gym socks in her mouth after we'd taken off her  shoes. I'd made sure the socks stayed in her mouth by winding a length of stocking between her teeth again and again as tight as I could pull, then double  fastened the knots around the back of her head. It kept her quiet, reduced her cries to low groans and grunts of frustration. Nothing more.
Nikki and I had  been friends for a short time. She was cool enough, a lot of fun to hang with, a  lot of fun stories about her wanting to become an actress and the people she'd  met. I'd also met a few of her friends, Stefani being one of them. When I learned that Nikki was hard up for a little money this month to cover bills,  living expenses, rent, food - that's when I called and made her this little deal.
"I know you're not enjoying yourself right now," I said, "but we'll  have you laughing in no time." Nikki giggled. "She's probably secretly loving this. Come on Stef - being kidnapped? Waking up bound and gagged like this?  She's having fun, she's just a little scared, that's all."
I smiled - again my "calming smile" - and told Stefani she had nothing to be scared about. "I'm just going to tickle your feet for a little bit." I explained. "Make you laugh, have a little fun. You ever had anyone tickle your feet before?"
And that's when Stefani's pitch changed. The sound of her screams were a little more  pleaful now. She looked a little more worried. She put up a fight, just as Nikki  said she would, and worked herself up struggling and trying to free herself before any tickling commenced.
We just sat back and watched.
It'd been  Nikki's idea to tie her up. "You'll have to." She said. "She's got incredibly ticklish feet, won't be able to keep still. It'll be more for her own safety  than anything else." She explained, holding up rope.
And so we made sure the  drugs had taken affect first. We called her name, poked her in her sides, lifted her one arm.up and let it fall dead weight again. She was passed out cold, facedown on Nikki's couch in the living room. Capturing her had been easy.
Stefani wasn't an actress like Nikki. Stefani had dreams of becoming a pop singer. I hadn't heard her sing or listened to any of her demo tapes yet, but she had a wonderfully sexy speaking voice. Sort of dry and raspy like Mariah  Carey's. I could only imagine what she sounded like when she was singing. Something else I noticed as well as her looks - 5'9, blue green eyes, curly  blonde hair, fair German complexion complete with freckles. She had a busty chest, slim waist, long legs and the most beautiful looking feet I'd ever  seen.
Something else I noticed was the way she laughed. Nikki would poke her in the ribs, make her squeal and then the two would wrestle on Nikki's bed, playing with each other. Tickling each other. Stefani would grab at Nikki's  ankles, tickle her feet. Nikki would do the same, say let's see how you like it!  and Stefani would throw her head back, wide open mouth so I could see all her  expensive dental work and laugh like music.
I loved sneaking peeks at her  feet when she wasn't looking. Staring at her French pedicures whenever she wore thong sandals, strappy heels. Sometimes she would come over and visit Nikki, take her shoes off on the couch and prop her legs up on the coffee table in front of her, cross her pretty ankles, flex her pretty feet and moan about how  sore they were from dancing so much that evening. Once I was close enough to  smell them - wonderful.
Stefani's pitch is high like a dog whine now as I  reach behind her, take my one index finger and scratch, scratch at the bottom of her soft pink heel. Stefani's eyes focus on something she's feeling, not seeing.  She lets out a deep, troubled moaning sound and kicks her pretty bare little  feet behind her like crazy, trying to avoid my subtle tickling.
I don't know exactly what her shoe size was, the numbers had worn off the shoes she was wearing before Nikki and I pulled them off, rolled her socks up and stuffed them in her mouth while she was still asleep. My guess would probably be a six or  seven. Something small. She had really dainty little feet. Really cute looking. Really pretty.
Her feet were beautifully shaped - all soft curves, dips and arches the way a foot model's would be. The heels and the balls of her feet -  round, soft and smooth - they were a light carnation pink. The rest of her feet, a smooth, creamy milk white. She had very few wrinkles on her soles, just the  pleasant, natural contours and shadows her deep arches cast across her baby soft skin.
Stefani's feet were amazing to finally touch. The ease with which I  was able to glide my fingertips along her soles, tickle every sensitive inch of  skin and make her squeal like a baby.
This must've been hell for her. Nikki  had told me that Stefani was ticklish, but I had no idea. The slightest little tickle would send her into hysterics. She bucked like a little horse, screamed her throat raw. She shook her head from side to side, her hair going all over the place. Her face turned red. She would throw her head back and shriek with  every ounce of strength she possessed.
I was having the time of my  life.
Nikki just watched, visibly getting excited. Stefani was being driven  mad and there was nothing she could do about it. Every so often I would catch  her pleading with eyes at Nikki to call me off, let her go, stop tickling her  feet. Nikki just grinned the whole time watching me.
My fingers traced the  outside curves of each foot. The lines smooth, easy to follow like tracing the  patterns of clouds with your fingertip. Her feet were that soft. My finger moving from the bottom of her heel, moving up, up, up along the outside of her right foot. Then along the edge of her foot below her small toe. Then along the  tips and tops of all her toes, one by one, smallest toe to the biggest toe. All of them wriggling like crazy.
Stefani was mad. She reared like a pony, squealing and squealing. My fingers moving to her left foot and doing the same.  I traced the insides of her feet - got to where her arches were and made her  almost crap herself she was laughing so hard.
Big thick blobs of clear liquid  rolling down her flushed cheeks. Her nose dripping. Every time she shook her  head, tears would fly in every direction. She tossed her head up and down headbanger style. Her blonde hair going everywhere. Her fingers behind her clawing at the fabric of the ropes around her wrists.
Stefani couldn't move  much. The hog-tie was snug. Tied her hands behind her back. Checked them to see  if Nikki would really do this to her best friend. Knots were tight. Stefani wasn't going anywhere. Tied her wrists to her waist to hold her arms. Tied her  arms. Tied her legs above and below her knees. Crossed her pretty ankles and  mummified them in cotton rope. Tied a length of rope once around her ankles,  looped around the knots around her wrists and pulled until her hands and her  feet touched. Then fastened her up. Trussed up like some festive bird on a holiday. Stefani was helpless. Her cute, ticklish bare little feet up in the air  behind her like they were on display.
Tickling her feet was amazing. Nikki wanted in and we switched places. Nikki caused different reactions. Stefani  seemed even wilder. She flopped up and down on the bed on her stomach. In between breaks and rests we gave her she pulled and strained at her hog-tie, trying anything to get loose. She rolled over onto her side, kicked and screamed until she was exhausted. Then we'd just roll her back onto her stomach again.  Took our places behind her and tickled her feet until she passed out.
This would go on until the late evening. Stefani had no strength left. She panted,  gasped and wheezed for breath. Couldn't even laugh anymore. She hung her head,  her nostrils flaring wide. Her hair was flat, uncurly and wet. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head like a zombie. Her fingers limp and useless. Her feet were relaxed - they seemed to quiver and jump all on their own when I tried  tickling them again.
"I think she's done." Said Nikki. And I was sad, but had to agree. One more thing though. As a reward for behaving herself so much, I  loosened the knots in her hog-tie. Let her have a little slack. Stefani buried her head in a pillow, groaned deep. Something between pleasure and the agony of  having been tortured for so long.
I took my place up behind her again. Started sucking on her toes, licking and kissing her feet and really getting off  on all this. Nikki stayed in the kitchen, made everyone drinks. Stefani was motionless. She just stayed still, every once in a while I would hear her grunt  or moan. Raise her head a little and stare at the wall blankly. Her pretty feet would twitch, her toes would wiggle. But for the most part, she was quiet. exhausted. Too tired to react to even this.
I thanked Nikki for the drink. I wrote her a check, said thank you to Stefani and bent over to untie her. Nikki  stopped me. "I'd like a little time alone with her, if you don't mind." She said, grinning at me.
"What, I can't watch?" I asked.
Nikki smiled at me,  looked at Stefani who was starting to struggle again. She seemed a little scared  of what might happen. Two girls, best friends, loved to tickle each other's feet  and here one was tied up and already barefoot. This didn't look good for  her.
"All the times she's gotten me and tickled my feet, wrestled me down and held me still so I can't get up again and tickled my ribs and my sides and I've  got her now. She's all nice and trussed up and look."
Nikki reached down and Stefani jerked once on the bed. Hard. Looked up at her and glared at her best  friend. "She's got the most ticklish feet I know." Said Nikki. "She's all mine for the night."
She shut the door behind me. I lingered for a few minutes. My  ear pressed up against the cold of her front door. I listened for a moment. Then  heard a squeal. Then another. Then Nikki laughing. Then Stefani going out of control with laughter.
Well worth a few hundred dollars I thought.

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Lesbian tickling comic free