Roxy Tickling
Roxy Tickling

Roxy Tickling Story by Unknown

There is a girl that I know named Roxy*. She is honestly the most beautiful thing that has ever walked the face of this earth. We could even call her a walking, talking orgasm. She's 5'3'', long black hair, green eyes, body EXACTLY like j.lo's...but better..NO LIE!, smooth skin, beautiful smile and laugh, and she was mixed with mexican puerto rican and black. mmmm delicious huh? But anyways, back to my story. When me and Roxy* were in high school together, she was on the Varsity Pom Pon Squad, and i was on the Varsity football team. I had her in a few of my classes. We were always caught flirting  all the time. Well, little did Roxy* know, the whole time i was getting to know her, I was thinking in my head how much i just wanted to see how ticklish she was, especially on those beautiful, flawless, size 7 feet of hers. So, one day in school i decided to find out on my own. I poked her in her side when she least expected it, and she literally jumped so high she almost fell out of her chair! ";Ticklish?"; i said in my most innocent sarcastic voice. ";Hell YEA! i'm like..the most ticklish girl in the enitire univerise!"; se replied with a sexy little giggle.
I just looked at her for a few seconds smiling and she did the same. Then i said,";Well hey, i'm not doing anything later on since practice got cancelled, you wanna meet up later?"; ";Sure!"; she said almost immediately. We exchanged numbers and this is where the REAL story begins. :-)
 It was around 7 at night and Roxy called me up to say taht she just needed to take a shower and then she'd be right over. I wanted sooo badly to tell her dont bother beacuse she'd work up a sweat from what i had in store for her. But i didn't. Around 8 i get a knock on my door and it was her. She was wearing the tighest pair of jeans that i had ever seen in my life, (to this day i still wonder how she got into them), and a red kind of see thru-ish low cut top, and some gym shoes. I was kinda upset that she wasnt showing off her beautiful feet but then again, it was October. She came in and looked around with her beautiful big green eyes and said, ";Oh Wow! You have the nicest house i've ever seen!...Umm are you here by yourself?"; ";Yea, Parents are on vaca. I've had the house to myself for like 5 days now, pretty nice."; ";Yea it is! I wish my parents would leave! hahaha"; I looked at her for a minute and I asked her if she wanted to see a tour of the house. She did i showed her, then we went to my room. ";Nice room."; she said. ";thanks. wanna watch a movie?"; ";Ya! that'll be cool."; we got on my bed and watched Bringin Down The House. About halfway through the movie Roxy fell asleep in my arms. I though tto myself that this was too perfect, so i immediatly turned off the tv, and got things ready for my plan. W/out waking her, i slipped off her top and her jeans to reveal a matching set of red and black lace bra and thong. I could hardly contain myself. i started panting rite then and there. Then, I got my Stocks form the basement, and some rope to tie her wrists to the bed. I placed her soft, delicate feet in the stocks and closed them. just as i did, Roxy* started to stirr, she woke up yawned and started to say something, but stopped and opened her eyes wide looking around in fear. ";w-what's going on here?!? why am i almost naked tied up?"; I looked at her w/ a smile and said ";dont worry Roxanne* I'm not going to hurt you, i just wanan find out a little something about you."; and w/ that i moved to the side of the bed looking at her sexy toned flat tummy. she was breathing heavy, then i lowered my hands down toward her tummy and said..";are you ticklish my little latin mami?"; here eyes grew as big as saucers and then i strated lightly stroking her tummy w/ all 10 fingers. She burst out into the cutest giggling ive ever heard. then i moved to her sides, using the same technique very slow light tickling. her giggling started growing to heavy laughter. ";STOP IT STOHAHAHAP IT!! NOO!! hehehehehe! i cant take this! why are you doing this to meheheheehe?!?!"; i replied only with moved my hands up to her incrediblely soft armpits. This was a great place because she actually started to scream a bit. i then reached over and got two feathers for each armpit and i lightly stroked each of her armpits until she screamed for mercy. ";i HATE feathersshhahahaha!! they tickle tooo much hahahaha!!!! STOHAHAHAHAPP!!! AHHHHHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!"; i tickled her armpits and tummy and sides for abou another 1/2 hour, then i moved down to her smooth legs and soft inner thighs for a bit til she went crazy. then, i went for the best part of all, the creme de la creme. her feet.i walked slowly to the bottom of the bed were her cute little feet were. she tried esperatly to get her feet thru the stocks so she could escape but it was no use, her efforts were so sexy and cute though. she begged and pleaded with me not to tickle her feet. ";OH MY GOD!! no no no!!! PLEEEEASE!! not my feeet not my feet! i'll do ANYTHING u want! i swear! just please dont tickle ny feet they're the most tickish spot on my WHOLE body!"; with her pleads falling upon death ears, i stroked her socked sole from heel to toe very slowly. she bursted out into insane giggling. i did the same to her other foot and i got the same reaction. then i slowly peeled her socks off to reaveal the most beautiful, soft, delicate, and TICKLISH feet in the entire world. her toes curle dup in the cutest little way. and she had her eyes shut tight to endure wut was coming to her. i then took all fingers on both hands and tickled each of her feet at the same time. as soon as i made contact she let out a huge gasp then held her breath trying not to laugh, and the EXPLODED with ticklish laughter. I then took a feather and tickled here sloe with it while i used my fingers on the other sole. ";:HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!"; i then paying attention only to the foot w/ the feather. I glided it up and down her sole and she screamed for me to stop. ";tickle tickle tickle!"; i said taunting her. ";hehehehe!!!!!! hahahahah!! noooo!!!!!"; was all she could reply with. then i slid the feather up just beneath her toes and glided it back and forth there...SHE WENT BALLISTIC! i never seen a reaction so great. ";NOT THERE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOO PLEASE NOT THERE!!!! NOOOO hahahahahah!!!!!!"; i then slid the feather in between each of here cute sexy little toes. then i glided the feather across her toes ever so slightly and she went INSANE! I repaeted the smae on the other foot and this went on for about an hour of just her sexy soft ticklish feet being tickled. Then i stopped, and my brother and his friend walked in. ";Ready for some REAL fun Roxy*?"; ";She looked at all of us and started to scream ";NOO!!!";...(END OF PART I)



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