Revenge by Unknown

Jason was in heaven. He'd been trying to date Melissa for months. In fact, he'd been trying to date all of the women in the office since he'd taken over there. Melissa was the first to succumb to his persistance. She'd suggested dinner at her apartment rather than out, as Jason had suggested. They'd eaten a wonderful meal and had lingered over wine at the candlelit table. Jason was relaxing in her living room now, with wine and soft jazz. He was dreaming about the evening of passion that he knew would follow. Uh huh. If he knew what was to follow he would have high- tailed it out of there in a second.

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 At that moment, Melissa was in her bedroom under the pretext of changing into more comfortable clothes. She was checking the details of her plan to get back at Jason with her friends from the office, Sue and Emma. "The tranqilizer should be taking affect any moment," Melissa told her co- conspirators. Emma was finishing setting up the video camera; Sue was checking the silk bonds tied to Melissa's four -poster bed. All was in readiness for the events of the evening. Despite Jason's male chauvanism, the three women had to admit that he was a sexy guy. Each of them had had fanatasies about having such a man at her mercy -- turning him on, teasing him, taking him to the edge and then back again. All were excited and nervous about what was to come that night.

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Back in the living room Jason had fallen asleep. The tranquilizers Melissa had put in his drink had done their job. The three women carried him into the bedroom, undressed him, and tied him firmly to Melissa's bed. Emma angled the camera so it would catch all the action. Melissa gently slapped cold water on Jason's face to wake him. His eyes fluttered as he awoke. It took him a few minutes to awaken fully. When he did, he looked at Melissa who was sitting beside him on the bed. Jason grinned. "I didn't know you were kinky, Melissa. This is great." Melissa was surprised. She'd expected him to rant and demand to be untied. She smiled at Jason. Maybe this was going to be better than she'd expected. "Well," she said, "If you like this, you'll like the rest of it even better." At that moment, Sue and Emma emerged from Melissa's bathroom. Jason grinned more broadly. "Oh man! I've always wanted to do something like this!", Jason exclaimed. The three women smiled as Emma placed a blindfold over Jason's eyes.

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"Enjoy, Jason," Melissa told him, "Consider what is about to happen revenge for the way you treat all of the women at the office. The men too, for that matter." Jason's grin slowly faded. "Um... what do you mean, Melissa?" He said it in the tone of voice that he used at the office. Condescending and arrogant, but now some of the confidence was gone. "We are going to try some behavior modification on you, Jason ," Melissa said, "Your behavior at the office is unacceptable." "Oh no," thought Jason, "now I've done it." He knew that sooner or later his ways would come back to him. This isn't what he'd expected. Maybe he could talk his way out of it. "Look, girls, let me go and we'll talk it all out. I'm sure we can work everything out." Jason *was* a smooth talker. He'd gotten far in business using that talent, but it wasn't working this time.

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"Sorry, Jason," said Melissa, "For once you are going to pay the price for treating people the way you do. We're video taping all of this. We will use it if you don't change your ways at the office. Jason was scared now. How were they going to humiliate him? His reputation would be ruined if any of his business associates got hold of that tape. He tried one more time, "Please, girls, let me go. I can fire all of you for this, you know."

Melissa laughed, "We're not as stupid as you think we are Jason. We've disguised our faces and this room so nothing can be identified from the tape. You'll have no proof. Anyway, if you do try to fire us, copies of the tape go to everyone in the office, your boss included." Jason sighed. He knew when he was beaten. "Alright," he said, "I guess you've got me." "Please don't do any permanent damage,though."

"Oh, we won't, Jason, don't worry about that," Melissa said. "We won't leave one mark on you."

 Jason gulped and thought, "Oh my God, I know now what they're going to do! They're going to tickle me!" Jason had always been very ticklish; it was something every girlfriend had liked about him. Never had he allowed himself to be tied up for that very reason, although several had suggested it. The very thought of being tickled mercilessly made him struggle at his bonds right now. "I think Jason just realized what his situation is," Emma noted. They all laughed and set to work.

 "Now Jason, we would like to start at the least ticklish spot on your body and save the best for last. We'll do a little survey to find all of your ticklish spots and then we'll rank them and start with the least ticklish."

 With that Melissa started at Jason's neck and lightly dragged her fingernails across his skin. The sensation made him shiver, but not laugh. Slowly, Melissa ran her fingernails down his palms and along his arms. The soft skin of his forearms and upper arms was very sensitive, but it was only a light tickling sensation. He tensed from the stimulation as Melissa neared his underarms. Slowly, Melissa's findernails ran across his ticklish underarms towards his chest. He squirmed and smiled as she passed this ticklish area. "Ah, I think that is spot #1, wouldn't you say so, Emma and Sue?" The two women smiled and agreed.

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 Melissa paused and waited. Jason didn't know what was happening. The tension was almost more than he could take. He began pleading, "Girls, please let me go. I'll do whatever you want at the office. Just tell me what ... AAAHHHHH! Hey! Stop! Stop! You said a survey...HAHAHAHAHA!" Jason was laughing uncontrolably because Melissa was tickling him under his right arm. She was lightly scratching the sensitive skin there with her fingernails. Her technique was excruciating. She continued tickling him there for about a minute. Tears were streaming down Jason's face as he laughed helplessly from the insane tickling sensation.

Melissa stopped tickling for the moment, "Hmmmmm, you're far more ticklish than we'd hoped, Jason." "But I'm being selfish. Time to let the others in on the fun. Emma, want to take over?" Emma nodded and picked up where Melissa left off. She ran her nails lightly down Jason's chest, scratching through the hair there. Slowly, she made her way down to his belly. Jason bucked against his bonds as Emma gently tickled his stomach. She moved her nails up along his sides and back down to his hairy belly, swirling them around his belly-button. It was more than Jason could stand. As Emma picked up the pace, he started belly- laughing hysterically. He couldn't even protest. Melissa, Emma and Sue couldn't keep from laughing either as they listened to Jason's infectious giggling. All three women themselves were very ticklish and identified with the sensations pulsing through Jason's body.

As Emma continued her tickle-torture, Jason became dimly aware of a familiar sensation. He was becoming aroused from this maddening stimulation! This fact didn't escape the notice of the women meting out his punishment either. In fact, all three were becoming excited from torturing their ticklish victim.

HEEHEEHAHAHA PLEASE!!! I can't stand this tickling! PLEASE STOP, EMMA... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Emma relented, but only to give Sue her turn at driving Jason out of his mind. She rose from her position straddling Jason and Sue took over. Sue decided to take a different tack. She allowed Jason to rest for a minute while he caught his breath. Then she began to lightly lick and nibble his thighs. Jason found the sensation entirely pleasurably and found himself getting hard again despite himself. Sue ran her tongue down his leg towards the underside of his knee. Jason flinched at the slight tickling sensation, but didn't laugh. Sue worked her way along his calf -- the tickling was getting stronger as she approached his foot. He again began struggling at his bonds; he couldn't help it. His feet were intensely ticklish -- just washing them in the shower was a challenge for him. He started giggling helplessly and Sue nibbled his ankles. Laughter began welling up inside of him as she got closer and closer to his ticklish ses. He didn't even bother pleading; he knew that if he had one of these women in a similar position there was no way he would stop now. He would torture her sensitive soles until she nearly passed out.

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 Still nibbling his right ankle, Sue began tickling the sole of his left foot with her fingernails. Wiggling rapidly, her fingers danced from his heel to his toes, over the top of his foot and back to his soles. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YEEEE!! NOOOOOOO!!! Jason's body was writhing uncontrollably and his belly was heaving with laughter. Sue abandoned his ankle and began tickling the soles of both feet with a vengance. She laughed along with him as she looked at the pink sensitive soles that were receiving her torture. She tickled him in this fashion for a good five minutes while the other women looked on with amusement and arousal. Jason was as hard as a rock. The two sensations together were driving him mad. His cock was hard and hot and ready to burst. This coupled with the intense tickling sensations coming from his feet was more than he could take. He wiggled his ticklish feet in vain trying to escape Sue's devilish fingers.

 Sue finally relented. Jason was panting heavily; his erect cock was still raging. "Well girls, it looks like we've discovered what turns Jason on," Melissa laughed. Jason had to laugh as well, "I'm as surprised as you are! But please, no more tickle-torture, I just can't take anymore." Emma grinned, "Sorry Jason, but it's not over yet." Jason groaned. Melissa said, "Since we've already changed our plan and subjected our victim to torture before completing the survey, let's go right on to phase 2 of our plan. OK?" Emma and Sue readily agreed. All three women were enjoying tickling Jason more than they thought they would have.

Melissa knelt at Jason's side while Emma positioned herself at his other side. Sue pulled up a chair at the foot of the bed by Jason's feet. Jason wished he could see what was happening. He was still afraid that they would do something to him that was even more humiliating than tickling him senseless. He didn't have to worry -- tickling him was all the three were interested in. Although now, all three women were so turned on that they had other ideas as well.

 Gently, phase 2 of Jason's ticklish nightmare began. Melissa slowly scratched him under his arms. She played with the hair and dragged her nails slowly around the soft skin around his armpits. Emma again started slowly swirling her fingers around his sides and belly. Sue lightly licked and sucked his toes. Jason's breathing was getting faster and faster. The slow, gentle pace made the tickling sensual instead of maddening. His cock swelled and his hips moved rhythmically up and down. Melissa felt her own clit swell and throb. Emma and Sue couldn't have denied being just as aroused as the rest.

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Sue was the first to begin picking up the pace. Jason responded with a shout and peals of helpless laughter as Sue began tickling the soles of his feet with her fingernails. Emma and Melissa took the cue and began tickling in earnest. Emma began kneading Jason's ribs instead of stroking and the effect was grand. He shifted his torso from side to side, trying to get away from her tickling digs. His rich laughter filled the room. Melissa wiggled her fingernails at a maddening pace around his armpits.

All three women were unintentionally laughing along with Jason. Undeniably, all three were incredibly turned on. Melissa decided to try one other tickle spot. She moved behind Emma who was still giggling and shifting her fingers to different areas of Jason's ticklish ribs. Sue watched as Melissa lifted Jason's balls and began tickling the skin underneath. Jason went wild. He began bucking and his howls of laughter seemed to redouble. AAAAHHHHHHH!!! NOT THERE!!! AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! HEEHEEHEEHEE... Can't stand it!! STOP!! PLEASE.... HAHAHAHAHA!

 Jason's mind had almost turned off by now. His feet were being mercilessly tickled, tickling fingers dug into his ribs and now the most ticklish spot on his body was being tortured by very capable, tickling fingers. Still, he was aware of his swollen cock. He wanted the tickling to stop, but somehow he wanted it to continue. He needed release. He couldn't believe that he was still conscious.

 Again, the tickle-torture stopped. Melissa looked a question at the other two women and they nodded in silent agreement. Jason panted and pleaded that they let him go. Emma moved off of Jason and Melissa replaced her there. Emma took up her post at Jason's armpits. Sue grinned at Emma and said, "You only have a little more to endure, Jason." "Please let me go now. I'll do anything you say, Please." Sue ignored his pleas and began tickling his feet again. Jason snorted at the surprise and again began giggling uncontrollably. Emma tickled his armpits expertly and thoroughly. She enhanced the effect by whispering in his ear "Kitchie koo, Jason, tickletickletickle." All Jason could do was laugh and squirm.

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Suddenly, Melissa lowered herself onto Jason's heaving, sweating body. She snuggled down on his rock-hard cock and started rocking back and forth. Jason couldn't believe it. He felt her close tight around him. The insane tickling continued and his laughter was punctuated by moans of pleasure. Warmth welled up in his groin and he exploded inside Melissa. Melissa clamped around his cock and came with more force than she ever had before. With this cue, Sue and Emma stopped tickling Jason. All four of them rested on the bed, catching their breath.

"Well," Melissa said, "that didn't go quite according to plan, did it?" The others grinned , Jason included. "Do you think you can modify your behavior now, Jason? Remember we have that all on tape. Our faces can't be identified." Jason nodded; he was still breathing hard from the tickling he'd received. He couldn't quite believe what had just happened to him. Oddly, he felt a growing respect and affection towards these women who had just tickled him silly. Similarly, the women felt kindly towards their ticklish boss, but not the least bit sorry about what they had just done (especially Melissa!).


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