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French Teacher Part I

French Teacher Tickle Torture Part 2 (FF/f extreme, feet, tummy, sides, feathers,) 18+


Well, here's part 2 guys. First, a quick recap of the end of part 1..

The girls began trailing their quills across the side of Simone's firm breasts, getting ever closer to her ultra-sensitive nipples.

"Please," she gasped. "Not there, I beg you. Not there! Ahhh!" A moan escaped Simone's lips as first Sarah then Rachel started slowly circling the stiff tips of their feathers around her dark areolas.

The girls grinned as they extracted more moans and gasps from their French teacher by flicking their feathers against the tips of her now fully-erect nipples.

Incredibly Simone found herself becoming more and more turned on as Sarah and Rachel worked on her. She could feel her G-string becoming wetter with every passing minute and once again, prayed her tormentors would notice. But once again it was a forlorn hope. They had guessed.

Sarah placed her hand down the front of her teacher's thong and exclaimed: "My God, it's like a flood down there! You ARE a naughty woman, Miss De Castigne."

"And now," she purred, as she began to tease down her french teacher's black G-string, "We're going to have to punish you...."

Part 2.


Simone pleaded with Sarah as the teenager, ten years' her junior, tugged down her sopping G-string. "Non," she cried, almost red with humiliation at the abuse she was receiving at the hands of her students. "I beg you Sarah, please, don't do this to me! I'll-I'll tell! You'll be expelled!"

"Oh, we already thought of that," replied Rachel. She reached into a bag and fetched a camcorder which she sat up on a table facing her victim. "If you tell ANYONE about what we did to you, a copy of this 'film' will be sent to everyone you ever met, along with every pupil at this school. Naturally, we'll edit it so we're unidentifiable."

Simone groaned. They had her. Sarah grinned and continued to peel down her French teacher's silk thong until it was round her spread knees, exposing her moist, trimmed cunt. The teenager then ripped off the flimsy, soaking undergarment before tossing it over her shoulder.

To Simone's surprise, Sarah then began to untie the stockings that bound her legs and ankles to the chair legs. But any hopes the teacher had of the torture session ending were dashed when Sarah spoke.

"I hope you don't think we're letting you go," said the curvy student as she undid the final restraint. "On the contrary, we just want a bit more....access."

With her hands still tied to the pipe above her head, the girls pulled the wooden chair away and forced Simone to stand before twisting her around so she faced the wall.

They then brought the chair back and made her kneel on a cushion on the seat with her feet sticking out through two gaps in the back - and with a slat between them.

Once more the teacher's ankles were tied on the other side - making it impossible for her to pull them back through.

Simone - now on her knees - tried to struggle but it was no use. Her hands were then released from the pipe but Rachel quickly retied her captive's wrists behind her back using the black stocking.

They were then secured to the crossbar at the top of the chair back above her ankles with another nylon.

To complete the bondage Simone's elbows were tightly tied together using a third stocking - pushing her heaving breasts outward.

"Now you're really gonna get it…" purred Sarah as she excitedly looked her completely naked - and utterly defenceless - kneeling prisoner up and down.

Simone's eyes widened as she watched the laughing girls position their chairs for prime access to her most sensitive spots.

She knew she was about to be tickled beyond torture and could do absolutely nothing about it. Her composure crumbled and the Parisian began begging in her native French…

"Please, please non, I beg of you, I'll do anything, q-quelque c-chose, I'll font n'importe quoi, oh God please not there…."

Sarah sat down in front of Simone and grinned at the possibilities. Her teacher's naked, juicy pussy smouldered just inches away from her face at eye level while her big, bare breasts and sensitive, swollen nipples hung over her just begging to be tormented.

As she took in the sight, the teenager could feel her own large nipples harden against the silky material of her bra. And her pussy had been wet for some time now, too. She planned to take care of that once she was back home…

Meanwhile Rachel moved her chair to sit behind Simone. She was not spoiled for choice like Sarah. Her two targets were obvious and the ones she wanted most - Simone's upturned feet.

Now it was time to prepare them for their punishment and Rachel wanted them as immovable as possible.

First, she slowly slipped off Simone's silver toe ring. A little souvenir.

Then, picking up a piece of string, she asked her teacher: "Can you guess what I'm about to do?"

"NO! Oh, not again! Please, don't tie them together again, Je vous prie! Je vous prie! I'm begging you!"

"That's right," replied the student. "It's toe-tying time. Your feet are all mine now…"

She wrapped the string tightly round both toes and tied the other end of the string to a crossbar underneath her own chair.

Now Simone's feet were at a 90 degree angle, her soles stretched tight and diagonally facing the ceiling and her toes pointing toward Rachel. She was ready.

Rachel savoured the moment for a few moments then began. First, she wanted to really inspect her prize.

The student slowly examined her teacher's pampered bare feet with her long, red fingernails, causing Simone to gasp. Rachel had to admit it - they were absolutely flawless.

"A-AAH! No, please, un d-dieu, n-non mes pieds, not my f-feet. AAAHHHHHHH…"

Rachel smiled - she hadn't even begun yet and was merely studying the most perfect pair of feet she had ever seen. Yet already, Simone was in agony. This was going to be amazing.

Using both hands, the wealthy blonde teenager lightly grazed her perfectly manicured fingernails down Simone's creamy, tender soles, from heel to toe - then back up again.

Very, very slowly. Again and again and again.


Meanwhile, Sarah picked up a stiff, white goose feather and started working on Simone's firm stomach and sides. She trailed the tip across her teacher's brown skin, drawing a figure 8 on her taut abdomen, then repeatedly swept the feather up and down her sensitive sides.


"That's the idea…" replied Rachel, as she picked up a stiff feather of her own.

"Use it on her arches," urged Sarah, referring back to when she tortured her teacher's feet. "She can't stand it. It'll drive her crazy…"

Rachel did as she was told and agonizingly slowly started stroking Simone's arches with the quill. Sarah was right.


The teacher prayed for unconsciousness again but it wouldn't come. The girls had learnt their lesson from earlier, and were stopping briefly when their victim appeared to be struggling.

The last thing Sarah and Rachel wanted was for Simone to pass out again - they were having way too much fun.

For Simone though it was unbearable . The two girls were tickling her beyond torture now, and she was experiencing a level of suffering that she didn't know was humanly possible. Her ability to cope had been stretched to the outer limit then far exceeded.

And things were about to get much worse…

Part three to come soon...


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