Cleaning Lady
Cleaning Lady

This is a story about my cleaning lady. She is from Italy, typically small, she but has an amazing figure. 23 years old, black hair, blue eyes, cup b-c breasts and endless legs although she is relatively small. I really like to watch her cleaning up my house in her black uniform which is actually not more than a mini skirt and a black shirt. But there is one thing i don't like on her, she is always late. I tried reducing the money when she was late but it didn't work. So I made another suggestion. For every minute she is late I will tickle her one minute. She only laughed at me not believing what I said. She still came late to clean my house and I noted down every minute she was late. Now it was the end of the monh and I calculated 48 minutes over a month that she was late. Now she arrived at my house stepping in. I took her by the hand and lead her to the fitness room. I rushed to her, caught her and tied her hands high above her head on the pull-up machine. I parted her legs and fixed them left and right at the bottom of the machine, too. ";Now, it's time for payback"; I said. ";You have been 48 minutes late this month and I told you to tickle you for each minute late";. ";No"; she stammered, ";don't tickle me. You're joking";. I was not. i ripped of her shirt, her bra, her mini skirt and her slip, leaving her totally naked. She was a real beauty. And then I began to tickle her: first I worked on her armpits with my fingernails for ten minutes. she tried to get away, but I tied her up so good that she couldn't move more than an inch to each side.
";Hehehehehe, please stohohohohop, hehehehehe"; But I wasn't about to stop. I haven't really begun yet. So I continued my work on her ribs and sides, what made her laugh even more. She was really ticklish there and so I tickled her there for twenty minutes. I then tickled her belly and belly-button but then I took her breasts and wiggled them in my hands tickling them softly and caressing her hard nipples. She nearly went mad now from the tickling. ";Heheheheheheh. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hehehehehehe. I loved to see her trying to escape from my hands tickling her mercilessly, she was so helpless, leaving all her vulnerable spots open to me. I took a feather and started to tickle her clit and stroking her pussy-lips with the feather while tickling her ribs and breasts one after another with my other free hand. She started to moan now within her laughs, and boy I loved that. I really got a hard-on that time. The 48 minutes were up since a while but I was having so much fun with her that I decided to go on with her. I really got the feeling that she began to like the tickling anyway. And so I spent the whole afternoon and part of the evening to tickle all her ticklish spots: armpits, sides, ribs, breasts, belly, belly-button, thighs, inner thighs, ass, clit and pussy-lips. I was surprised how much that little Italian girl could take because I didn't offer her many breaks. In the end, when I was again tickling her clit and pussy-lips like a mad guy, she begged me to stop: ";Please stohohohop now. I can't take it anymore. Pleeeeeeeeeease. I am so horny, please stop tickling me and fuck me now. I need it so bad to be fucked";. I was in heaven hering this and so I undressed myself too, stick my dick in her wet dripping pussy and fucked her. But I didn't stop the tickling! I continued tickling her with my hands on her ribs while I fucked her and she exploded in three huge orgasms. After that I gave her another quick tickle and then untied her from the pull-up machine. She fell in my arms, totally exhausted after 3 hours of tickling and fucking. ";Will you be on time now, sweetie?"; I asked her. ";No"; she said with a little smile. ";I really enjoyed the tickling torture and just had the three best orgasms of my life. And if this is the only way to get you tickle and fuck me then I have to be very late";. I couldn't believe, what I heared but it sounded too good. And indeed she kept on beeing late and at every end of the month I tickled the hell out of her. This little girl is so tough, I trained her to take 6 hours of tickling one day - we were both in heaven. Me tickling and fucking her - she being helplessly tied up and tickled and fucked. I am now thinking on tickling machines that could help me tickle more parts of her sweet sexy body simultaniously. But this will be part of the next story :)



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