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Beth and the Ninjas Part I

Beth and the Ninjas (Part 1) FF/F

Beth had just gotten home from work and she was exhausted. She shrugged out of her suit jacket and ruffled her close-cropped red hair as she moved across her living room. Suddenly, the room went dark, and before she could even gasp, she felt herself being shoved towards her large recliner. Seconds later, the lights came back on and she gasped in shock as she beheld two diminutive figures dressed as ninjas standing before her! With lightning speed they had managed to bind her wrists above her head and were now binding her ankles on either side of the raised foot rest !

"What the.... let me go ! Who are you ?" she stammered in shock.

The leader raised a finger in front of its mask, gently telling Beth to remain silent. The tall redhead by now could ascertain that both of her attackers were indeed female and from the look of their eyes, oriental. This was confirmed to her when the leader undid her mask to reveal a strikingly beautiful Japanese face that was sporting a very coquettish smile.

Beth's mind raced with fear at why they had attacked her. Did they want money? No, that couldn't be it. It had to have something to do with the consulting work she was doing. Her company managed some highly sensitive accounts and corporate greed being what it is today, they were likely hired by competitors. Her guess appeared correct as the second attacker started up her laptop while the leader approached her.

"We come only for information" she said in a soft Japanese accent. "No harm will come to you if you cooperate."

Beth kept her lips firmly closed and glared defiantly at the woman. Her partner apparently had hit the password protection on Beth's files and whispered to the leader. "Ah ! So if you'll provide us with the password please ?" she asked sweetly.

The buxom redhead turned her face away from them, determined not to give them any information. The leader pointedly looked towards Beth's 3 inch heels and the redhead's heart nearly stopped. Nervously, she gulped down the lump in her throat as the tiny woman moved down towards her bound ankles !

"Oh, I'm sure you'll just tickled to tell us!" the short woman giggled.

"OH GOD!" Beth thought to herself, "...HOW COULD SHE KNOW MY GREATEST WEAKNESS ? IS SHE CLAIRVOYANT ?" Trying bravely not to show the slightest fear, Beth's eyes remained glued to the woman as she lovingly caressed the leather of her left pump.Beth was terrified as the buxom redhead was horribly ticklish and her feet were the absolute worst spot on her body ! Even worse was the perverse reaction her body had to being tickled. With ease, the oriental woman slid off Beth's pump and revealed her nylon covered sole.

Beth had gorgeous, narrow, size 9 feet with incredibly high arches which now bore wrinkles as she curled her foot defensively. Unfortunately, they were also exceedingly sensitive to the slightest touch! The oriental woman chuckled, licked her lips erotically and began humming a little tune as she lazily traced her long fingernails all around the top and outside of Beth's captive left foot!

Shuddering with effort, Beth kept her lips sealed as she desperately fought to keep from laughing ! Her chin quivered noticeably and her eyes were clamped completely shut! Her feet were so sensitive to the touch that she had to do her own pedicures, else she would be screaming with laughter at the beauty parlor.

The tiny oriental blew her a sexy kiss and drew one long nail from Beth's rounded heel, across her pale arch and back and forth across the soft balls of her foot.

That was all that it took and Beth exploded with squeals of helpless laughter !


She wriggled her foot violently but the tiny Japanese woman had no trouble following her every movement and proceeded to give Beth a most thorough foot tickling!As always happens when someone tickled her foot, Beth's strength and resistance abandoned her like water pouring out of a bucket full of holes! Her laughter escalated up the scale from loud cackling belly laughs to high pitched squealing and finally the hysterical sobs of silent laughter! One could even see her trim tummy convulsing as she tried desperately to breathe!

Her second attacker removed her mask, showing her to be just as beautiful as the first, and easily removed Beth's other pump. However, this cute Asian obviously preferred bare feet as she swiftly tore open Beth's nylon and peeled it down to expose the redhead's creamy high arch and rosy pink heel and balls.

Beth was launched into a nearly apoplectic state as now both of her feet were being tickled and she knew they would tickle her to death! She was so consumed with her uncontrollable laughter, that she was unaware that her pronounced nipples had grown to a very rigid state. But her sensuosly grinding hips betrayed her rapidly growing arousal.

Being very good at their work, the two knew when to back off on the tickling to keep the victim from passing out. Beth was still quivering with laughter as she finally got to a point where she could get some breath. The second woman kept her in a constant state of giggling (and arousal) by lightly tracing her long nails around the sides and top of Beth's bare foot.

That's when the leader straddled the bound redhead; squatting directly on top of her hips, and began speaking.

"In Japan, we have found that pain is a poor vehicle to extract information" she began as she tugged Beth's blouse out from the waistband of her skirt.

"The subject becomes far to resistant and begins to build up a tolerance, thus taking much longer to achieve our goal." While she cooed softly to a still tittering Beth, she slowly started unbuttoning her silk blouse.

"No, there are other more effective ways of persuasion. Being as ticklish as you are, you've probably noticed that any resistance was tickled away in the very first few seconds. And now you're just a helpless giggling little girl."

Beth knew she was right and felt a blush of humiliation stoke the fires of her arousal as she realized she could do nothing to stop them from turning her into a babbling, gasping idiot!

She had finished unbuttoning Beth's blouse and now peeled it up over her head, revealing Beth's lacy push up bra and her enormous cleavage. Her freckle-sprinkled breasts jiggled noticeably as the giggles kept streaming from her lips.

"Did you know..." she continued in her sultry voice, "...that intense pleasure can also be an effective persuader ?" she asked as she lightly traced her nails across the top of the redhead's full, firm breasts.

"NoooohohohohooooooDoohohohohohohooooont!" she squeaked as even her boobs were highly ticklish.

The woman unclasped the front of Beth's bra and her milky white breasts spilled out of their confinement; rigid nipples standing proudly erect.

"Hmmmm !!" she said teasingly, "...I would say you're no stranger to erotic arousal!" She slid Beth's bra up to join her blouse. "We have taken the art of erotic arousal to new levels. Within a very short time, you will be begging us to let you tell us what we want to know." With that she started tracing her nails under Beth's boobs and the helpless redhead could do nothing but roll her head from side to side and giggle insanely.

" NoooooohoohhohohoooNaaahahahahaaaaaatTherehehehehe

The woman was expert at teasing and arousing as she would tickle underneath and around, then lightly graze the pads of her fingertips across the redhead's turgid rosy nipples! This was one of the reasons Beth was lewdly grinding her hips up against the woman. The other was that her partner had her bare heel cradled in her hands and was starting to kiss the top of her feebly wiggling foot! Each tender kiss of those oh so soft lips sent a jolt of electric joy up the redhead's leg and exploded in the center of her tummy! Her hot wet tongue maid her giggle and moan at the same time as she was assaulted from above and below.

"Can you feel the raging fire within?" she teased, "...desperately wanting to be quenched? We can make that happen !" she cooed.

She nodded to her partner who eagerly wrapped her lips around Beth's big toe and hungrily began to suck and nibble on it !

"EEEEEE!!!! OHGOD!!!! OGOD !!!" Beth panted as her back started to arch upwards in a taut bow.

Just then the leader cupped both of the redhead's breasts and started sucking voraciously on her stiffened nipples!

The orgasm that took possession of Beth's body was like nothing she had ever experienced before ! It grabbed her like a ragdoll and shook her violently in her bondage! She felt the strain on her muscles as they were stretched tight, then vibrated with a shuddering feel as she began to pump her love juices from her !

It seemed it would never end, for just as she felt she might be coming down, the woman at her bare foot would move to another toe and start her helpless bliss all over again!

The two worked the redhead over through 6 orgasms until finally, she slumped unconscious, her body still quaking from the ordeal.

When both woke up, she found she was still bound to the recliner, yet she was now quite naked ! The remnants of her clothing lay in shredded tatters on the carpet and she raised her eyes to find the two Ninjas patiently awaiting her return.

Smoothing back her sweat-matted red hair, the leader cooed to her once more. "Now you will experience the fiendish side of our technique. You will find that you are 10 times as sensitive as before." With a wicked gleam in her eye, she produced a very thin and very stiff feather. Beth's eyes widened in alarm and she started to giggle and plead uncontrollably.

"Pleeeeheheheheassseeeee Nooohohohooooo !!! Dooohohohohnt make me Teheheheeeeeeelll yoooohohohoooooo !!!!!"

Her assistant set to work on Beth's pink bare feet with her feathers, slowly stroking them up and down the redhead's super sensitive soles, while the leader used her thin feather to saw back and forth across her still hard nipples !

Beth was cackling hysterically in an instant not the tummy heaving belly laughs she had when her feet were being assailed by long fingernails but rather, a steady stream of contralto chortles and cackles that kept her completely helpless and ramped up raging libido once more !

Yet the two never tickled her over the breach ! They knew just how to tickle and when to bring her right to the edge of an explosive orgasm and hold her there; unable to find the release she so craved.

Only then did Beth realize the horror of their interrogation ! They would continue to tickle her until she begged them for that which she now so desperately needed !

After 20 minutes, Beth was a physical and mental wreck ! She was babbling incoherently and screaming hysterically in her madness ! Finally, she could take no more and managed to scream out her submission !


"Say the magic word and we'll end your torture my dear" said the leader.


With a nod, the leader folded apart the redhead's puffy pink lips and flicked her feather up and down the very hard love nubbin of the broken redhead! Her partner used her sexy skills on Beth's no longer wriggling bare feet; making love to them like no one had ever seen before !

Within seconds, Beth was screaming out her joy as she fell into a pit of orgiastic bliss! Never before had she felt such a dominating feeling as her body surrendered to the joy of her muscle-wrenching orgasm! For nearly 3 minutes she pumped her love honey from her non stop until once again she collapsed, beaten, into unconsciousness !

When she awoke once again, completely exhausted, she found she was no longer bound and had a terry cloth robe covering her nudity. Blinking her eyes, she was shocked and surprised to see the two Japanese women, hogtied, gagged, and completely nude laying on the carpet of her living room.

Glancing up, she saw the smiling face of her associate John. "Welcome back ! I figured they might try something like this !"

"How... how did...." she began.

"I managed to sneak in just as they were finishing you off !" he said with a leer. "They may be quick, but they cant outrun a tranq gun" he said as he brandished a small pistol. "I've searched them as you can see, but they carried no identification of any sort. I'm wondering how we'll find out who they work for ?" He asked as he gazed lovingly at her pink bare feet.

Beth stood, and with no shame, switched the robe around and slid her arms in. Tying it around her waist, she stood on tiptoes and kissed her savior. "I know JUST how we'll find out who they work for !


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