Romantic Dares Instructions

Hi. Welcome to Romantic Dares for Windows XP and Windows Vista. This game was written by RWFTS. We hope you'll take the time to try out this game. Romantic Dares is an exciting and unpredictable fast moving game of touching, massage, intimacy and unpredictable passion. The game uses a unique and exciting method of generating limitless interactions for your enoyment.

Each player turns over a card in turn. The card may instruct them to massage, kiss, touch, etc a specific part (or parts) of their partner's body. The player can accept or refuse the card's instructions. A reward is awarded to each player when they have accepted 5 cards in a row.

Striptease and fetish-related activities occur during the game also.

Note that this game contains explicit adult content and cannot be players by persons over the age of 18. All activities in this game are performed at the player's own risk and it is up to the individual to decide whether they think an activity is safe or not. No activity should be performed if it involves dangerous or illegal actions.

Romantic Dares Party was first released on the 14th July 2002. Of course, the game has undergone many changes since then - and there are many more still to come.

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Romantic Dares Sex Game Splash Screen
Romantic Dares Sex Game SetUp Screen
Romantic Dares Sex Game  Main Board
Romantic Dares Sex Game Card
Romantic Dares Sex Game Bonus